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With Honor

Today was the day that I have patiently waited for. I received the final results for the American Prize in Music Composition, Professional Orchestra division. The winner gets an email to accept the top prize and confirm news release details before the announcement date is posted, and I wasn't expecting that. To recap, my division had 28 finalists competing for 8 places. Doing the math, I had a 7% chance to place and even lower expectations to achieve such a feat in my first run.

I did not place, but Greenwood, Archer & Pine received a Finalist Honorable Mention. I'm over the moon and my heart is full. To be acknowledged on such a high level for this specific work means the world to me. Honorable mention, in this context, means more to me than placing. The judges felt something, which means I did my job.

Folks, I guarded myself so heavily when composing this work. I had nightmares of people walking out, accusing me of fabricating what happened, and then some. My friend Kaleb Benda insisted I continue, telling me "This story needs to be told, and you are the one to tell it." I am forever grateful for that man.

My next step is to take this piece back to where it happened, Tulsa, OK. The petition is being written, the visit is being planned, and the proverbial mountains will be moved.

How will it fare? Stay tuned, my friends.

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