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If you know me, I live and die by two things when it comes to holding a conversation: clichés and puns. I love puns, and they seem to love me because they never fail to hit me everywhere I go (I swear I’m not actively looking for them.) The cliché on the other hand… they’re cliché for a reason, and that reason is that they are remarkably effective!

Lately, I’ve been reminding myself that “When there’s smoke, there’s fire.” When I say that, there is a trend or pattern that I have acknowledged that needs to be respected. In this case, I need to respect it because the odds of it happening again are strong.

I’m starting to heat up.. and I may catch fire.

Since the premiere of Greenwood, Archer & Pine, things have been taking off at not just a steady pace, but a chain reaction. One great performance led to a publication and a second performance. The second performance led to talks about a third.

A section in the piece was a curious technique, the technique has become a system. The system became two, and pieces are being written using this technique by itself.

Two students In Graduate school watched each other succeed, this sparked an idea once I graduated. The overall project idea became a commission, the commission was an absolute success. We became business partners and that partnership became a friendship and bond. The bond continues to grow…

It all started with a spark, and things are only beginning to heat up.

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