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...Only One Ticket Sold...

I am notorious for starting this blog, only for me to talk myself out of it. I can attribute this to many things: Being introverted, fear of judgment, privacy, self-sabotage, etc. When all is said and done, I know that the real reason is quite simple: I don’t think I’m very interesting, and I don’t think others are very interested. On the other hand, I truly don’t know that and should let the public decide what they will take in or leave alone.

I always see the same handful of folks that are constantly interested in what I do, and I am immensely grateful for them. Instead of thinking that the ten should be fifty, I will continue to work for the ten until it does become fifty. If that never happens, I shouldn’t care because I still have the ten, and that’s ten more than If I stop.

As the saying goes, “The show must go on.” When I was on a show crew, the director I was working with added an interesting spin on this saying that sticks with me to this day:

“I don’t care if there was only one ticket sold when we get there, and it was your mom that bought it. The lights will be bright and the curtains will go up because we have a story to tell.”

I see other composers and different content creators posting constantly, even seeing some saying “I post twice a week, so make sure you hit like and subscribe…” I often wonder how they manage to keep up and what they are sacrificing to make it happen, only to stop myself and keep my focus on my tasks. I wish them well on their journey, but you absolutely won’t see idle, gratuitous posts from me just to keep the content flowing. In fact, the further I am from a performance or project release, the less you will hear from me. That way, when you actually see a post, you’ll know something is about to happen.

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