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Marathon Weekend, Part One

Nothing says welcome back like the September Rush… This weekend was and still is very hectic:

(I’ll update this as events happen)

Thursday night, I went to the New Faculty Recital at Oklahoma City Community College and supported some OCS friends.

Friday evening: I attended the debut of the Sound Trekking event at Andrews Park in Norman That my colleague/ mentor Ed Knight headed with his wife MJ. I didn't know someone could create a GPS-based soundtrack, but I'm living for it now!

Friday Night, I went to OKC to watch the Stringsmen OKC do their thing at the downtown Sofar show in Automobile Alley.

Saturday afternoon: My OCU colleagues Dr. Melissa Plamann and Katherine McDaniel presented a very rare work, Petr Eben’s “Labyrinth of the World and Paradise of the Heart” for Solo Pipe Organ and narrator (that was a wild ride…)

Sunday afternoon will be spent in Edmond as I watch the OC ensembles debut and then support my El Sistema coworker Chris Prather having a premiere at the UCO Jazz Lab.

While all of that was happening, I finished my latest project and started making adjustments for my newest Symphony, Odyssey.

I love weekends like this because there’s always something to do and new music/ groups to explore. We’re just getting started, because next week is OCU’s turn starting Thursday.

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