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Good Grief...

I went to sleep with a full heart last night… I woke up today with a broken one.


Tribulation, an orchestral work that tells my grieving story in real-time, was an amazing success. I love the folks playing with the OCS… they always make me sound like my first name was John. Every solo and every melodic exchange was great and did exactly what I meant for them to do. It was one hell of an opener and made the rest of the night even more triumphant.


I am used to seeing Mother’s Day posts from people who lost their mothers or have problems becoming mothers themselves, and I understood how different this day must be for them—or so I thought. Starting today, I more than understand, I relate. There were many understanding people around me today, sharing their experiences of their first year without... That’s for another time.


I’ve learned through this experience that grief can sometimes be good. This work pushed me to limits I wasn’t ready for and forced me to use gears I didn’t know I had. This grieving effort came from a place of love and a desire to do right by the people who believe in me.

Even now, I always want my mother to be proud of her only son. I will never hear those words from her again, but I will use this good grief to raise the bar with each work I create.


Tonight: Top of the World, Ma.

Tomorrow begins the countdown to the next World Premiere:

Saturday, September 28.


Stay tuned, my friends.

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