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Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself...

As the music industry rebounds after 18 long pandemic months, I have decided to relaunch my website to give myself a good shot at making a strong career run. I had no idea that this phase in life would stretch me so creatively and lead to the events that have happened.

After graduating from Oklahoma City University in 2020 with a Master’s degree in Music Composition, I was contacted by conductor and fellow OCU alum Kaleb Benda. We were fans of each other’s work in Graduate school yet never worked together, so we both made the most of a golden opportunity. As he was putting a program together for his orchestra, the Oklahoma Chamber Symphony, he offered to commission a piece for me commemorating the 100th year since the Tulsa Race Massacre... I humbly accepted. I named the work Greenwood, Archer & Pine for the three roads that connected the successful district to Tulsa, and crafted the work to offer a historical telling of events without words. The project was so successful that The piece was given a second performance four months later, and is being currently considered for a third. In addition to the performing success, Greenwood, Archer & Pine was published in Composed in Oklahoma: 2021: an Anthology of Selected Works by Oklahoma Composers! The working dynamic was also so strong that the Oklahoma Chamber Symphony offered me a residency with them, which I accepted immediately.

This success has prompted numerous people to ask me a question I had been waiting a long time to hear but was not at all prepared for… So what’s your website?

I’ve had for years, but the pandemic presented challenges in my life that caused me to reprioritize certain things that required maintenance. I downgraded my website, which disconnected my site from my domain name. This essentially started me all over again as a word-of-mouth composer, which turned out to be a good thing. The only good reason I saw to maintain it at the time was to host a blog, which I was not dedicating much time to (I’ll ironically write a blog entry explaining why.) With this surge in professional progress, relaunching my site was my first step in the right direction.

I also started a YouTube music channel where I can share my projects with a broader audience. This will keep me busy, as I become more motivated to keep things going. Slowly, yet surely, things will be more consistent as more things happen.

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