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Project Zero: Seamstress

String Quartet

Project Zero: Seamstress

A work that I had composed for Chamber Orchestra titled "Greenwood, Archer & Pine" was published in the Composed in Oklahoma 2021 Anthology. Within that work is a section that is completely serial, complete with its own 12-tone matrix fro reference...but is also completely tonal. Instead of twelve tones, I used twelve roots and figured out a pandiatonic chord progression while crafting a melody that fit the serial chords. I took a gamble, and loved the end result. It technically has no formal name, so I refer to it as Pandiatonic Serialism.

As I research this extremely rare technique, I fall deeper in love with how versatile it is... so I have chosen to write more with it and share the results I get with all of you! This one is my first standalone work using this style, titled "Project Zero: Seamstress." It is named in honor of Ladonna Chalepah, an Apache seamstress and mother of a childhood friend that I claim as a brother. She passed away in 2021 from ALS. I also named it Seamstress for the way the melody weaves through the chords, stitching the two extremes together.

Above all else, I hope you enjoy.

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